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William Shakespeare Biography describes the life of William Shakespeare. From birth to death, Shakespeare Biography describes all that is known about Shakespeare's life from available documentation including court and church records, marriage certificates and criticisms by Shakespeare's rivals.Shakespeare (1564-1616): Who was he? Though William Shakespeare is recognized as one of literature’s greatest influences, very little is actually known about him.
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Ernest Hemingway
Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961), born in Oak Park, Illinois, started his career as a writer in a newspaper office in Kansas City at the age of seventeen. Before the United States entered the First World War, he joined a volunteer ambulance unit in the Italian army. Serving at the front, he was wounded, was decorated by the Italian Government, and spent considerable time in hospitals. After his return to the United States, he became a reporter for Canadian and American newspapers and was soon sent back to Europe to cover such events as the Greek Revolution. During the twenties, Hemingway became a member of the group of expatriate Americans in Paris, which he described in his first important work, The Sun Also Rises (1926).
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Nightclub is a business that is open at least twice a week and provides some type of regularly scheduled entertainment. It usually has an area for dancing if it is a dance club or a stage where patrons may observe entertainment such as live bands, comedy, magic, exotic dancers, etc. Most clubs serve alcoholic beverages and may or may not have dining. Night clubs have become the new fad in town!
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Present Unreal Conditional If I have time, I study English. (Sometimes I have time.) If I had time, I would study English. (I don't have time.) Past Real Conditional Past Unreal Conditional If I had time, I studied English. (Somtimes I had time.) If I had had time, I would have studied English. (I didn't have time.) Future Real Conditional Future Unreal Conditional If I have time, I will study English. If I have time, I am going to study English. (I don't know if I will have time or not.
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Coca Cola company
Today we won‘t take up more that 20 minutes of your time so won‘t waste time and let‘s get down to business. Our first point is to give some background information about Coca Cola history and heritage. Then we‘ll give you some facts about companies products and their changes over existence. We are sure you will be of particular interest to those products. And finally we will reveal the secret formula of coca cola company success. So I am pleased to be able to welcome you to our company.
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The Tower Of London
The Tower of London has a very interesting story behind it. It was begun by a man who was not even English, William of Normandy. At the time he was the cousin of England's King Edward. It all started because William became outraged when Edward backed down on his promise to give the throne to William and ended up giving the throne to his English brother-in-law, Harold. William sailed his army across the English Channel to conquer England.
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Laikų naudojimas
Present Simple Use 1.To express an action that happens again and again, that is a habit. I usually get up at 7 o’clock. Nick always helps his friends. 2.To express a fact which is always true. Rockets fly faster than airplanes. Expressions: always every day usually sometimes never Present Continuous Use: express an activity that is happening at the moment of speaking What are you doing now?
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The Republic of Ireland (Irish: Poblacht na hÉireann) is the official description[1] of the sovereign state which covers approximately five-sixths of the island of Ireland, off the coast of north-west Europe. The state's official name is Ireland (Irish: Éire),[2] and this is how international organisations and citizens of Ireland usually refer to the country. It is a member of the European Union, has a developed economy and a population of slightly more than 4.2 million. The remaining sixth of the island of Ireland is known as Northern Ireland and is part of the United Kingdom.
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Ford Company
In the Beginning The story of Henry Ford is not of a prodigy entrepreneur or an overnight success. Ford grew up on a farm and might easily have remained in agriculture. But something stronger pulled at Ford's imagination: mechanics, machinery, understanding how things worked and what new possibilities lay in store. As a young boy, he took apart everything he got his hands on. He quickly became known around the neighborhood for fixing people's watches. In 1896, Ford invented the Quadricycle. It was the first "horseless carriage" that he actually built.
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A variety of environmental problems now affect our entire world. As globalization continues and the earth's natural processes transform local problems into international issues, few societies are being left untouched by major environmental problems. Some of the largest problems now affecting the world are Acid Rain, Air Pollution, Global Warming, Hazardous Waste, Ozone Depletion, Smog, Water Pollution, Overpopulation, and Rain Forest Destruction. Every environmental problem has causes, numerous effects, and most importantly, a solution. Our climate is changing.
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"[W]e find that testing students who participate in extracurricular activities is a reasonably effective means of addressing the School District’s legitimate concerns in preventing, deterring, and detecting drug use." Justice Clarence Thomas U.S. Supreme Court JUNE 27, 2002 Board of Education of Independent School District No. 92 of Pottawatomie County v. Earls Foreword In June 2002, the U.S. Supreme Court broadened the authority of public schools to test students for illegal drugs.
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An ability to communicate without experiencing any difficulties is essential for building successful and easy life. Both professional and private individual’s lives depend on the way one manages to communicate. Almost every employer thinks highly of somebody who is communicative, especially if one’s duty is to deal with other people. What is more, communicative person’s private life is much easier because of having no retardations in establishing relations with other people.
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About dinosaurs
One of the smallest dinosaurs known, Compsognathus grew only about as large as a chicken, but with a length of about 60–90 cm (2–3 feet), including the long tail, and a weight of about 5.5 kg (12 pounds). A swift runner, it was lightly built and had a long neck and tail, strong hind… The Compsognathus is the smallest dinosaur in the Jurassic Period. It only ran on its two back legs. Its shape allows it to run fast and swiftly. This can help it to run from all the predators. Its top speed was twetny-five miles per hour. It was the size of a chicken. It was only two and a half feet long including the tail. its height was only one foot tall. It weighed only ten pounds.
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Acid Rain
Acid rain is a serious problem with disastrous effects. Each day this serious problem increases, many people believe that this issue is too small to deal with right now this issue should be met head on and solved before it is too late. In the following paragraphs I will be discussing the impact has on the wildlife and how our atmosphere is being destroyed by acid rain. CAUSES Acid rain is a cancer eating into the face of Eastern Canada and the North Eastern United States.
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The English word "sugar" may ultimately originate from the Sanskrit word sharkara or sarkara, which means "sugar" or "pebble". It probably came to English by way of the French, Spanish and/or Italians who derived their word for sugar from the Arabic al sukkar (whence the Portuguese word aзucar, the Spanish word azъcar, the Italian word zucchero, the Old French word zuchre and the contemporary French word sucre).
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All living things, plant or animal, need vitamins for health, growth, and reproduction. Yet vitamins are not a source of calories and do not contribute significantly to body mass. The plant or animal uses vitamins as tools in processes that regulate chemical activities in the organism and that use basic food elements-carbohydrates, fats, and proteins-to form tissues and to produce energy.Vitamins can be used over and over, and only tiny amounts are needed to replace those that are lost.
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Bill Gates
William Henry Gates III (born October 28, 1955) is the co-founder, chairman, and chief software architect of Microsoft Corporation, the world's largest software company (as of April 2006). He is also the founder of Corbis, a digital image archiving company. Gates is the wealthiest individual in the world according to the Forbes 2006 list. When family wealth is considered, he is second behind the Walton family, which The Sunday Times represents by Robson Walton.
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Living Well
There are two big problems in our life: people eating bad balanced food ar outher thei smoking. Health is the most important thing in a person’s life. Eating habits is a big part of a healthy life, so to keep yourself in a healthy way you have to eat only healthy and well-balanced food. In the first place, I should say that fruit and vegetables is the main component of food which you have to eat in order to stay healthy.
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Giorgio Armani is the world's second largest selling designer (the first is Ralph Lauren) who sells approx. $ 2 billion per year retail. His products are sold in over 100 countries. He has reached this position because everyone looks fabulous when they wear Armani, they feel so confident, so chic and yet so utterly(visiskai) themselves. It is like magic. He is the magician. 1934 Giorgio Armani was born in Piacanza, Italy, an industrial town about 20 miles south of Milan. He was the son of Marie and Ugo Armani.
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In this paper I want to express my opinion about George Weigel point of view that Central and East Europe is the best hope for the future of Europe. In one point of view I have to agree with G. Weigel, that “history is driven, over the long haul, by culture – by what men and women honor, cherish, and worship; by what societies deem to be true and good and noble; by the expressions they give to those convictions in language, literature, and the arts; by what individuals and societies are willing to stake their lives on” ( “The Cube and the Cathedral”; p. 30).
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Saulės elementai
Žodis fotogalvaninis kilęs iš Graikų žodžio Šviesa ir fiziko A. Volto kombinacijos. Jis reiškia tiesioginį saules virtimą energija tai ir atlieka saules elementai. Virtimo procesas pagristas foto efektu kurį pirma karta atrado Alexander Bequerel 1839m. Fotoefektas apibudinamas teigiamų ir neigiamų krūvių nešėjų išlaisvinimu apšvietus paviršių.
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Tabako dūmuose yra 4000 cheminių junginių. Svarbiausios tabako dūmų kenksmingos medžiagos yra: 1. Nikotinas – lengvai į kraujotaką patenkanti toksinė medžiaga, kuri stipriai veikia nervų sistemą. Jis skatina kraujagyslių spazmus ir pagreitina aterosklerozės atsiradimą. Svarbiausia yra tai, kad nikotinas sukelia priklausomybę. 2. Anglies viendeginis (smalkės) – kraujo nuodai. Jis susijungia su hemoglobinu, išstumdamas deguonį, ir pablogina audinių aprūpinimą deguonimi.
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Puerto Rikas
Even though Puerto Rico has three times voted against becoming a U.S. state, yet another effort is being made to persuade Puerto Rico to change its mind. Of course, the Democratic Party thinks making Puerto Rico our 51st state is a cool idea because that would give the Democrats two additional U.S. Senators and 6 to 8 additional Members of the House, more congressional representation than 25 of our 50 states.
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Islam in Europe
Islam is one of the four major religions in the world. The beginning of Islam as a religion is dated back to the 7th century. Nevertheless, the people have many stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam. It is often looked upon as a “terrorist”, “extremist” or “fundamental” religion. Muslims claims, that in contrast, what many people think of Islam, it is still a peaceful religion, which does not promote any forms of terrorist actions.
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Mėnulis yra artmiausias Žemei gamtinis kosminis kūnas. Jo vidutinis nuotolis nuo Žemės 384400 km. Mėnulio skersmuo 3476 km, jo spindulys – 1,737. 106. Mėnulio masė yra 7,37 . 1022 kg. Laisvojo kritimo pagreitis mėnulio paviršiuje – 1,623 m/s2. Mėnulio skriejimo aplink Žemę periodas 27,3 d. Per tiek pat laiko Mėnulis apsisuka apie savo ašį, dėl to į Žemę visada atsukta ta pati Mėnulio pusė. Mėnulis skrieja ta pačia kryptimi, kuria ir Žemė sukasi aplink savo ašį, tik daug lėčiau.
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Ketvirtoji nuo Saulės planeta Marsas žinoma nuo senų senovės. Dėl rausvos Marso spalvos senovės romėnai ir graikai susiejo šią planetą su kruvinuoju karo dievu (graikų karo dievas – Arėjas, romėnų – Marsas). Aukštaičiai Marsą vadino Saulės dukra Žiezdre. Iki kosminių tyrimų epochos buvo manoma, kad Marsas yra tinkamiausia planeta nežemiškos gyvybės prieglobsčiui. Jau ankstyvieji Marso stebėjimai pro teleskopus parodė esant tvirtą planetos paviršių su aiškiomis nekintančiomis detalėmis: baltomis ašigalių kepurėmis, tamsiomis ir šviesiomis sritimis.
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Žvaigždės yra didelės masės ir didelio skersmens įkaitusios plazmos rutuliai, susidarę iš vandenilio ir helio su nedidele sunkesniųjų elementų priemaiša. Žvaigždžių gelmėse vyksta branduolinės reakcijos. Jų metu vandenilis virsta heliu...
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Igoris Sikorskis sraigtasparnių projektavimu ir statyba susidomėjo pirmame XX amžiaus dešimtmetyje. Savo pirmąjį sraigtasparnį pastatė 1909 metais. Su 18 kV „Anzani“ varikliu jis negalėjo pakilti nuo žemės. Antrasis sraigtasparnis pastatytas 1910 metais - jis vos galėjo pakilti pats. Suprasdamas, kad jam neužtenka žinių iškilusių problemų sprendimui konstruktorius grįžo prie lėktuvų.
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Saulės sistema, kurios centre spindi Saulė, yra nedidelė dalelė maždaug 200 mlrd. žvaigždžių jungiančios sistemos, vadinamos Galaktika. Tai paplokščia sistema, ir žiūrint išilgai jos pagrindinės plokštumos, viena kryptimi matome daug žvaigždžių. Dėl to žvaigždės Paukščių Take atrodo išsidėsčiusios labai tankiai ir vietomis net susilieja.
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Saulės sistema, kurios centre spindi Saulė, yra nedidelė dalelė maždaug 200 mlrd. žvaigždžių jungiančios sistemos, vadinamos Galaktika. Tai paplokščia sistema, ir žiūrint išilgai jos pagrindinės plokštumos, viena kryptimi matome daug žvaigždžių. Dėl to žvaigždės Paukščių Take atrodo išsidėsčiusios labai tankiai ir vietomis net susilieja. Paukščių Takas ryškiausias nakties danguje, nore miesto gyventojai niekada jo aiškiai nemato – balzganą Paukščių Tako juostą nustelbia gatvių šviesos.
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