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The New York scene reveals many traces of … unrest. Insecurity reigs. Almost everyone hates his job. Psychiatrists of all schools are as common as monks in the Thebaid. “Who is your analyst?” will disarm any interviewer; books on how to be happy, how to attain peace of mind, how to win friends and influence people, how to breath, how to achiece a cheap sentimental humanism at other people’s expense, how to become a Chinaman like Lin Yutang and make a lot of money, how to be a Baba’i or breed chickens all sell in millions.
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Telefono tinklai
Telefono tinklo struktūra. Vietiniai telefono tinklai. Skaitmeninio vietinio tinklo struktūra. Tarptautinio telefono ryšio tinklai. Abonentų numeracijos planų sudarymo principai. Prefiksai ir kodai. ISDN tinklo numeracija. Abonentų numeracijos metodai. Maršrutizavimas. Sinchronizavimas ir skaitmeniniai komutatoriai. Bitų ir kadrų sinchronizavimas elastinėje atmintyje. Skaitmeninių telefono stočių sinchronizavimas PDH tinkluose. Sinchronizavimas šiandien ir rytoj. Atsiskaitymo už telekomunikacijų paslaugas sistemos. Koordinatinių automatinių telefono stočių pokalbių laikinės apskaitos sistema.
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Opinion Letter: Child Labor According to the International Labor Organization there are approximately 250 million working children between the ages of 5 and 14. Somewhat around 120 million of them are performing in their jobs on a full time basis. Another half combines with school and other non-economic activities. Impressive numbers, aren’t they?
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Express your opinion on having a car. Is it a dream or a reality? What is the advantages and disadvantages (including environment) of having a car? gali prireikti ruosiantis valstybiniam anglu kalbos egzaminui. Įvertintas 10.
An industry is a group of businesses or corporations that produce a product or service for the profit. Because of the billions of dollars it generates, travel can certainly be categorized as an industry.
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Danger of terrorism
This topic concerns wide aspect of crimes, because definition of terrorism isn’t unanimous concept.
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The Internet is a worldwide, publicly accessible series of interconnected computer networks that transmit data by packet switching using the standard Internet Protocol (IP). It is a "network of networks" that consists of millions of smaller domestic, academic, business, and government networks, which together carry various information and services, such as electronic mail, online chat, file transfer, and the interlinked web pages and other resources of the World Wide Web (WWW).
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The city of London
The City of London is a small area in Greater London. The modern conurbation of London developed from the City of London and the nearby City of Westminster, which was the centre of the royal government. The City of London is now London's main financial district.
Channels of communication What are ‘telecommunications’? This term refers to the transmission of information over long distances using the telephone system, radio, TV satellite or computer links. Examples are two people speaking on the phone, a sales department sending a fax to a client or someone reading the teletext pages on TV But in the modern world, telecommunications mainly means transferring information from one PC to another via modem and phone lines (or fibre-optic cables).
South bank centre
Už šį darbą gavau dešimt. Southbank Centre is a complex of artistic venues located in London, UK, on the South Bank of the River Thames between County Hall and Waterloo Bridge. It comprises three main buildings; the Royal Festival Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hall and The Hayward art gallery, and is Europe’s largest centre for the arts.
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Vertas 10. Have you ever thought about the advantages and disadvanteges of living in cities? It may seem, at first, that living in cities has only good sides, but further consideration shows that it also has negative sides. One point in favour of living in cities is that you don't have to go for shopping by car or bus- you have enormous department store nearby your house and you can do the shopping very quickly.
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Personal identification I’m Darius. I was born in 1978 on the 21th of February in Kaunas. I don’t remember anything about the weather that day, but I know that it was about 2:30 p.m. I was the first child in the family. Our family is not very big, I have a brother. When I was a child I can't say, that I was a good boy. My parents always want me to be a good man, and now I'm very thankful for that.
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Įvairių dalykų pliusai ir minusai, gali praversti rašiniams, kalbėjimo įskaitai. Access a lot of information, do some jobs very quickly, communicate very quickly, word processors make it easier to write letters and reports, and to do work for school, make learning more exciting, large amount of information can be stored.
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Present Simple – everyday/year, often, sometimes, usually, seldom, always, never, at weekends, on Mondays …Po when, as, while, before, after, as soon as, until, if; taip pat po who, which, that pgr. sakinys būsimasis, o šalutinis būtinai esamasis. Present Continuous (to be talking) – now, at the(this) moment; su įsiterpusiais always, constantly, for ever. Present perfect (to have talked) – just, already, yet, lately, recently, so far, ever, never, before. Baigtam veiksmui su today, this morning/afternoon/evening/week/month/year, kai jie reiškia nepasibaigųsį laiką. Nepasibaigusiam veiksmui su for ir since.
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Steel is the most important materials in construction. Steel construction can be used in multi floor buildings, halls, masts, and towers, and industrial buildings: crane rails, boiler houses, conveyor belt bridges. Steel construction is very flexible and ecological, but all structures must be very safety and be built according to legal construction regulations.
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Public services is a term usually used to mean services provided by government to its citizens, either directly (through the public sector) or by financing private provision of services. The term is associated with a social consensus (usually expressed through democratic elections) that certain services should be available to all, regardless of income. Even where public services are neither publicly provided nor publicly financed, for social and political reasons they are usually subject to regulation going beyond that applying to most economic sectors.
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Analizė civilinių ir baudžiamųjų bausmių Lietuvoje, jų istorija, raida, dabartinės tendencijos, gavome 10. The Aim of project - to analyze tendencies and causes of crime in Lithuania; to investigate the effectiveness of ciminalistics and penal and civil effect measures on criminality in Lithuania. The Main goal: crime, criminal justice activities, penal and civil effect measures for crime control in Lithuania. The Main Tasks of the project - to prepare the concept of the analysis of criminal tendencies and causes and to prepare the proposals for the improvement of the Lithuanian penal policy; to investigate an effective crime control system of rational punishments and civil legal effect measures; to analyze the practice of the application of the criminal code and criminalities in crime investigation in Lithuania and to prepare the concept of crime investigation in Lithuania and, on the basis of this concept, to prepare concrete proposals for the effectuation of crime investigation in the Republic.
The capital of the United Kingdom can be divided into three distinct parts. The main commercial area is around The City, where Roman London was founded and where the medieval township grew up, dominated by the massive fortress of the Tower of London. Further west along the Thames lays Westminster, the centre of government and administration. The West End—running west from Covent Garden to Oxford Street—is the main shopping and entertainment area. Surrounding this core are districts such as Kensington, Chelsea, and Marylebone, that joined London in the 18th century, but retain a separate identity.
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Bill Gates
William Henry Gates III (born October 28, 1955) is the co-founder, chairman, and chief software architect of Microsoft Corporation, the world's largest software company (as of April 2006). He is also the founder of Corbis, a digital image archiving company. Gates is the wealthiest individual in the world according to the Forbes 2006 list. When family wealth is considered, he is second behind the Walton family, which The Sunday Times represents by Robson Walton.
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Big city problems
Since the foundation of Sćo Paulo, flood caused by summer rains has always been a serious problem, almost paralyzing the whole city. Year after year, many people die during these tropical rains, which devastate large areas of the city. 2000 was no exception. In March, inside the Anhangabaś Tunnel, in the downtown area, more than 160 vehicles got blocked by the rising water and were submerged as the tunnel flooded and the pumps didn't work fast enough. All over the city 14 people died and lots of houses and shops were invaded by mud and water.
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Nowadays the air, water and soil pollution have become a really big problem. Humanity thinks too little about natural resources and future of our descendants, as well as the world face, the disappearance of rainforests and global warming. The rapidly developing industry has polluted the air and the water. People, animals and plants are closely connected to each other. The usual order being broken, the nature starts to clean itself in a way that is harmful to the man himself.
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The European Union (EU) is the European supranational organization dedicated to increasing economic integration and strengthening co-operation among its member states. At the moment EU counts countries, including Lithuania. Firstly, The European Union history established on 1 of November in 1993, when the treaty on European Union was ratified by the 12 members of the European Community.
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The world's population will soon reach a level where there will not be enough resources to sustain life as we know it. Growth must be checked to avoid this catastrophe. Many environmental, social, and economic problems either stem from or are increased in magnitude by the overpopulation problem. With an exponentially increasing population, the problems created by overpopulation grow correspondingly.
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Tinklo lygis
Tinklo lygis rūpinasi paketų persiuntimų iš šaltinio galutiniam adresatui. Siuntimas adresatui gali reikalauti daug žingsnų per tarpinius routerius (tuo tarpu kanalinis lygis rūpinasi tik perduoti freimus iš vieno laido galo į kitą). Kad įgyvendintų savo tikslus, tinklo lygis turi žinoti potinklio (subnet) topologiją (visų maršrutizatorių aibę) ir parinkti atitinkamus kelius.Taip pat reikia rūpintis tinklo linijų ir maršrutizatorių(routers) apkrovimu. Jei siuntėjas ir gavėjas yra skirtinguose tinkluose, tai tinklo lygis sprendžia su tuo susijusias problemas.
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The OSI Model: basic principles of layered architecture: each layer means different layer of abstraction, each layer should perform a well defined function, the functions of layer should promote standardization, the information flow across the interfaces should be minimized, the number of layers should be large enough to separate functionality and small enough to keep the architecture under control, introduced in 1983, the OSI model has seven layers, the OSI model is not a network architecture, it does not specify the exact services ant protocols.
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Channel allocation problem: static channel allocation, frequency division multiplexing - FDM - bandwidth of channel is divided into N equal sized portions, time division multiplexing - each user is statically allocated every Nth time slot, both techniques are very inefficient for environments with variable number of users and bursty traffic. Multiple Access Protocols: pure ALOHA, nodes can transmit frames at any instance of time, collisions are allowed - contention system, uniform frame size for all nodes.
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Vulnerable period for the shaded frame. Throughput versus offered traffic for ALOHA systems. Comparison of the channel utilization versus load for various random access protocols. The basic bit-map protocol. The binary countdown protocol. A dash indicates silence. Acquisition probability for a symmetric contention channel. The tree for eight stations. Wavelength division multiple access. GSM uses 124 frequency channels, each of which use an eight-slot TDM system.
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Since the times of Roman Empire, London was one of the greatest commercial and social cities. What makes London famous nowadays is its historical heritage, kept many centuries, and modern buildings, built for the pleasure of the visitor.
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Religios houses of retreas merge imperceptibly into disintoxication clinics and private mental homes for the victims of traffic light and nervous break-down. ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ slink like house detectives around the literary cocktail parties. A most interesting phenomenon is the state of mind apparent in Time, Life, The New York, and similar magazines. Thus Life, with its enormous circulation, comes out with excellentry written leading articles on the death of tragedy in American literature or the meaning of suffering, and a closer acquaintance reveals them to be staffed by some of the most interesting and sensitive minds in that insensitivecity. It is easy to make fun of these three papers, but in fact they are not funny. Although they have very large circulations indeed, they only just miss being completely honourable and serious journals, in fact ‘highbrow’. The American organism is not quite healthy. It indicates how very nearly New York has achieved the ideal of a humanist society, where the best of which an artist is capable is desired by the greatest number. Thurber’s drawings, Hersey’s Hiroshima, the essays of Edmund Wilson or Mary McCarthy, Time’s anonymous reviews, show that occasionally the gap is closed; when it is closed permanenty the dreams of Santayana will be near fulfilment. But these anxiety-forming predicaments (Time-stomach is a common trouble) are for those who live in New York and have to earn they living. To the visiting non-competitive European all is unending delight. The shops, the bars, the women, the faces in the street, the excellent and innumerable restaurants, the glitter of Twenty-one, the old-world letharly of the Lafayette, the hazy view of the East River or Central Park over tea in some apartment at the magic hour when the concrete iceberg suddenly flare up; the impressionist pictures in one house, the exotic trees or bamboo furniture in another, the chick of ‘old-fashioneds’ with their little glass pestles. If Paris is the setting for a romance, New York is the perfect city in which to get over one, to get over anything. Here the lost douceur de vivre is forgotten and the intoxication of living takes its place. What is this intoxication? Firtly, health. The American diet is energy- producing. Health is not just the absence of disease, but a positive physical sensation. The European, his voice dropping a tone every day, finds himself growing stouter, balder, more extroverted and aggressive, conscious of a place in what is still, despite lip-service, a noisily masculine society. Then there is the sensation of belonging to a great nation in its present prosperous period of triumph. But, in addition to ‘feeling good,’ the Americans are actively generous and kind and it is this profusion of civilities which ravishes the visitor. What are the alternatives? We may stay on and coarsen–many English writers do-into shapely executives or Park Avenue brandy philosophrers; we can fight like Auden for privacy and isolation, or grow bitter and fitzrovian in the ‘Village atmosphere’-or we can try elsewhere. Cape Cod or Connecticut have their devotees, but these havens are the rewards of success, not its incubator. Boston, last stronghold of a leisured class, offers a select enlighternment of which a contemporary Englishman is just downright unworthy. Washington has immense charm, the streets of Georgetown with their ilexes and magnolias and little white box-house are like corners of Chelsea or Exeter, but a political nexus offers few resoyrces to the artist who is outside the administration, and the lovely surrounding, are not places in which he can hope to earn a living. Let us try California. The night place circles round La Guardia, leaves behind the icy water of the Sound and that sinister Stonehenge of economic man, the Rockefeller Center, to disappear over the Middle West. Vast rectangles of light occasionally indicate Chicago or some other well-planned city, till at six in the morning we ground in the snow of Omaha. As it grows light the snow-fields over the whole agricultural region of the Middle West grow more intricate, the Great Plais give way to the Bad Lands, poison ivy to poison oak, the sinuosities of the Platte rivers to the Hight Plais, the mountains of Wyoming, the Continental Divide. San Francisco is a city of charming people and hideous buildings, mostly erected after the earthquake in the style of 1910, with a large Chinatown in which everything is fake-except the the Chinese-with a tricky humid climate (though sunny in winter), and a maddening indecision in the vegetation-which can never decide if it belongs to the North or South and achieves a Bournemouth compromise. The site is fantastically beautiful, the orange bridge, the seven hills, the white houses, the waterside suburbs across the Golden Gate give it a lovely strangeness, the sunset view from the ‘Top of the Mark’ is unique-but the buildings lack all dignity and flavour. Yet San Francisco and its surroudings, Marin Country, Berkeley, Sauselito with its three climates, San Mateo where lemon and birch tree grow together, probably represent the most attractive all-the-year-round alternative to Europe which the worl can provide. There is some fog in winter, but generally it is sunny. The sea is there, the mountains and a bathing pool in the redwood forest. Hollywood and Los Angeles are well described by Isherwood. On the whole those who have loved the Mediterranean will not be reconciled here and those who care deeply for books can never settle down to the impermanent world of cinema. Those who do not love the cinema have no business to come. Well, maybe it does, perhaps Americans have destroyed their romantic wilderness on a grander scale than our own rodent attrition at the beauties of our countryside.
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My native town
Although much of Skuodas was destroyed during the Second World War, fragments of the old town are still standing on both sides of the Bartuva River. Now Skuodas has over 27628 inhabitants and is an agricultural – regional center. Talking about what makes my native town different compared to others, I must say that Skuodas is one of the towns, which are situated nearest to the frontier with Latvia. You must walk only 2 kilometers and you are in Latvia. As far as Skuodas is concerned it is the center of region. As I know, there isn’t many places of interest in Skuodas, but around Skuodas there are a lot places of interest as they are the following: Stone museum in Mosėdis, many mounds, for example Apuolės, Puotkalių and so on, the biggest stone in Lithuania, which is situated in Barstyčiai. But I am sure, that Skuodas is attractive for many tourists. It goes with the territory, that all people in Skuodas are really stubborn and persistent, as they are born to be Lowlanders. I think that’s a presumption, that all Lowlanders are lazy and not very active. Many would agree that Lowlanders are truly active and lively. As I said earlier, Skuodas is my native town, but despite of that I don’t want to live there later on. There are many reasons why I don’t want to live in Skuodas. Firstly, I am not sure that in this town I could get a job, which I want to, and I won’t be able to do a great career here. Secondly, I like quite huge cities in which are many interesting things, hard traffic, a lot of noise and many funny people. Thirdly, I want to make my future children happy. For example, if people was born and lived all his life in a great city, everybody looks at him differently from people who lived in small town or village. All these facts combine the situation, that I don’t want to live in Skuodas in the future. Its hard to talk about the opportunities which Skuodas offers for young people. There are no universities or higher educational establishments in Skuodas. There is only one gymnasium, Bartuva school, arts school and vocational education school. On the other hand, students can attend many activities after school. As a matter of fact, that there are not a lot opportunities for young people, not even I but a lot other young people want to leave Skuodas in the near future. All in all, I can say that Skuodas is lovely and beautiful little town in which I was born. I am thinking of leaving this town in the near future, but I can’t stand without Skuodas for all my life. If I live in other bigger city, I will come back to Skuodas to visit my family, relatives and friends.